an AI device i would love to have would be a mini robot down in the arctic. so we can monitor the polar bears, ice, and everything else. because the polar bears are dying right now. because all the ice is melting. their slowly dying and it isn’t good. the only bad thing about the robots, is that the robots could fall into the water or they would probably freeze. so realistically it wouldn’t be a good idea. but if we could that would be really cool. this solution would be nice so that way we could monitor the arctic and everything.

would you rather.. have a robotic pet that looks and sounds exactly like a real pet or one that is obviously a robot?

Answer : i would rather have a pet that is obviously a robot. because then it'll be more educational, more interesting, it'll be awesome to have a robot.

Journal entry :

Some of the coolest technology if seen/heard of is.. a microscopes, 3d printers, computers, internet, routers, robots, WiFi, servers, and multi functional printers.

Some of the technology devices that were mad, but accidentally ended up being harmful are.. internet, WiFi, phones, laptops, YouTube, and servers. because YouTube, phones, laptops, can be used inappropriately.

Faith Root

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